Nicolas's last night - Family treasure hunt

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Oïhana Marie, tour guide, takes you on a family, interactive and sensory tour to discover the history of the richest bourgeois of Caen in the 16th century, Nicolas le Valois d'Escoville.
On January 6, 1542, Nicolas le Valois d'Escoville, the richest bourgeois in Caen, died of a stroke during a reception given in his hotel. Time and rumors have cast doubts on the reason of his death: he would have died poisoned

Today, Olivier Bardon, a French screenwriter, is writing a film about Nicolas' life, but in order to complete it, he needs to know the exact cause of his death. Everyone knows that Olivier Bardon does not write a film if he does not know the whole truth. Are you ready to unravel the thread of truth?
Family visit recommended from 7 years old. A bag of material will be given to you for the visit. Bring good shoes.
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  • Languages :
    • French


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