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Here's an exciting way to experience Caen! In a matter of minutes, you'll have the unique thrill of gliding through town. Simple and intuitive segways make your trip unforgettable. Get together with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones and treat yourselves to a day packed with fun and memories. Good times guaranteed!
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See the darker side of Caen! An original visit recounting the terrifying tales of haunted houses, urban legends and tragic events taking place in the magnificent city centre of Caen. An enigmatic tour for all fans of mystery. Visit not recommended for children under 10. Only in French.
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Mathilde and Benoît are the latest in a long line of linen producers welcoming you to Saint-Vaast to share their passion for linen growing on a guided tour of their farm. Learn everything there is to know about linen through the seasons and 7 crops. This 2 hour tour awakens all the senses as you dive into the history of linen, how it's grown, processed, used in textiles and technical a...
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