Visite de l'usine de teillage et de peignage de Bourguébus



As part of Lin'croyable week, the Vandecandelaere scutching and combing factory offers a visit to discover flax and its transformation.
The company is now turning towards sustainable development and biotechnology. Aware of the ecological and technical character of this fiber, the company is investing in a project: finding new applications for flax fiber in the field of ecomaterials and composite materials.
Your guide will introduce you to the flax industry as a whole, then during the visit of the scutching factory of Bourguébus, you will discover the scutching and combing techniques as well as the way technical fabrics are made.
Lin'croyable week is a program of visits around the linen sector. Farms, factories, cooperatives open their doors to you. Discover all the events on the website of the event and book online!
Reservations are required on our website or at the counters of the Caen la Mer Tourist Office. No tickets can be bought on the spot on the day of the visit.
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Latitude : 49.1200273
Longitude : -0.2963096