Visite de la Coopérative linière du Nord de Caen - Site de Saint Manvieu Norrey



Within the framework of Lin'croyable week, the cooperative flax industry of the north of Caen opens its doors for a visit of the factory of Saint Manvieu Norrey during which your guide will explain you the various processes of treatment of the material as well as the development of the obtained products.
On this occasion, you will discover the scutching of flax, that is to say the transformation by mechanical actions of the raw material (flax straw) into flax yarn for the spinning mills, the extraction of the different parts which compose a flax stem, the shives (wood), the seed, the long fibers (the most noble product) and the short fibers.
The cultivation of hemp, which is booming in the region and is also dyed in this factory, will also be discussed during the visit.
Lin'croyable week is a program of visits around the flax industry. Farms, factories, cooperatives open their doors to you. Discover all the events on the website of the event and book online!

Reservations are required on our website or at the counters of the Caen la Mer Tourist Office. No tickets can be bought on the spot on the day of the visit.
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Latitude : 49.1662758
Longitude : -0.5179460